Shalom Christian Academy has established a close Christian educational community that is dedicated to developing each _DSC2859student for a life of consequence in the world for the Kingdom of God. Historically our tuition allows many parents to choose Christian education because of two basic reasons – faculty are committed to this educational mission by working for salaries that are less than the average public school salary and our community gives in many ways to bridge the financial challenge.


Giving to Shalom Christian Academy – whether the amount is small or large – shows your confidence in our mission and helps us achieve our goal to further our purpose of providing a high quality Christian education. Every gift is appreciated and welcomed.

Here are ways to get involved

Race for Education

  • Kick off fundraiser –instrumental in providing needed funds to operate Shalom Christian Academy.
  • Students walk or jog around a 1/8 or 1/4 mile area as many times as possible in a 1-hour period.
  • Each student raises funds by asking sponsors to contribute a tax-deductible gift based on the laps completed (i.e. $ 1.00 per lap) or a flat donation.
  • Parents, grandparents, and friends often join students as they walk or to cheer them on from the sidelines.


Fair Share

  • The tuition charged to families of Shalom Christian Academy represents only 72% of the total cost to educate a child at the school.
  • Every year we ask parents to prayerfully consider giving additional funds beyond the regular tuition rate to cover the 28% scholarship that each family receives.
  • When parents contribute to Fair Share, they help overcome this deficit and show their commitment to Christian education.



  • Every May our Shalom Dutchfest annual festival features auctions, great food, children’s activities, and more.
  • Faculty, staff, parents, and board members work together to raise vital funds for the school in this important event that demonstrates the community spirit at Shalom Christian Academy.


Pie Sale

  • The school makes and sells over 2000 pies raising approximately $10,000.
  • Shalom volunteers bake pies using local church and community center kitchens.
  • Local businesses and individuals pre-order pies that are delivered just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Other support options include volunteering, fundraising, real estate, stocks, gifts, trusts, and cash. Most importantly, we welcome your prayers for our school.

For more information about giving options or to speak to Mike Shaker, Director of Development, about how you can get involved in giving to Shalom Christian Academy, call (717) 375-2223 or email