Why Christian Education?

Education is not Christian because of Bible classes, chapel or prayer. Christian education is based on the foundational belief that the triune God makes a critical difference in our individual and corporate lives. Christian education recognizes that we are imperfect people, but knows that each individual is called to a life of wholeness. Over-arching the academic lessons is the belief in the value of each individual and being aware of how God is working out His purpose of wholeness in each one._DSC2891


Students are prepared to live in the “real world” because they are taught to live in a community. They learn to work with their differences and to be supportive and encouraging. They develop a perspective of a life of service whether in another culture or among people in a local workplace.


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How is Shalom Christian Academy accredited?

Shalom Christian Academy is accredited by two organizations. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Through ACSI, students may participate in regional events such as math olympics, spelling bees and band festivals.


How does Shalom Christian Academy compare to public schools?

Students are taught by certified teachers who are passionate about what they do. Core subjects are similar to local public schools. High school students have opportunities to earn college credits in some subjects.


The average class size in elementary and middle school is 17 students. High school average class size is 19 students.


How do SCA students test scores compare to public school students?

Grades 1 & 2 take TerraNova achievement test in the spring. Grades 3 through 10 take the ACT Aspire test in the spring. Juniors take the PSAT in the fall. Our guidance department guides juniors and seniors as they schedule the SAT and ACT tests in preparation for college.


Average SAT Scores

Shalom (W) Nat’l Average (W) PA Average (W)


Average SAT scores
Graduating Class
Shalom CR M W Nat’l Avg. (W)^ CR M W PA Avg. (W) ^ CR M W Franklin County
2012 1196 571 625 586 1010 488 992 963
2013 1135 564 571 528 1010 488 998 973
2014 1135 562 573 544 1010 487 1001 947
2015 1192 584 608 593 1006 495 511 484 1003 947
2016 1134 569 565 506 1002 494 508 482 1006 500 506 481 980
2017 1173 606 567 1060 533 527 1071 540 531

* (W) = Writing


How often are curriculum and textbooks updated?

Each year we review one or two curriculum areas to ensure that K – 12 students are learning the components of the subject. We review test scores to find any gaps and make adjustments as needed. We look at the textbooks being used and make decisions as to whether or not to update those.


What academic support is available?

Pennsylvania provides support services through the Lincoln Intermediate Unit (LIU). A reading specialist and a speech teacher are each at Shalom each week to provide those services to students who need them.


Resource Room. Students who need support or need to be challenged outside of the classroom can go to our resource room, however, this is not one-to-one tutoring. The resource room teacher may have several students in the room at one time. The teacher provides assistance in a specific subject. The teacher also liaisons with classroom teachers so that the time in the resource room is optimally used. There is an additional cost.


Transportation options

Transportation is included in the tuition. Because of the wide range of locations where students live, we cannot pick up every child at the end of his/her driveway. We try to find central locations that will accommodate most families. Our goal is to keep bus rides to less than 1 hour. Every student has a seat on a bus that provides transportation to and from school. The bus transportation routes are determined by the transportation committee each August when the student body is set.


Do students attend chapel?

Shalom has chapel weekly for each class which include separate chapels for lower and upper elementary students. Classes also _DSC2761take turns leading chapel programs 3 to 4 times each school year. Local directors of children’s ministries, camp directors, pastors, and Shalom faculty lead the students in a short devotional during the chapel program.


The middle and high schools each have separate chapels each week. These chapels feature student-led worship teams. Local pastors, Shalom faculty, and others lead in the meditation time. Small groups are also used for processing and reflection.


Shalom has spiritual emphasis weeks in the fall semester.


What scholarships are available?

Shalom offers tuition scholarships through the Student Scholarship Program (SSP). Student scholarships are income based. Grants are given in amounts up to 35% of total tuition.


The student scholarships are applied over a 10 – 12 month payment plan. A $250 scholarship would reduce the monthly payment by $25 for a 10 month plan.


Our SSP is funded by the Educational Income Tax Credit (EITC) program which gives Pennsylvania businesses tax credits if they commit to scholarship options.


Our tuition rates are competitive with area private schools and rates vary from Pre-K, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school. For more detailed information about tuition, click here.


Do you offer care before or after school?

Yes! Our Extended Care program is available on school days. Parents must register a student for this service in advance. It is then available to that student as it is needed. Students have time to do homework, structured play, and free time. Cost for care is $4.25 per hour and is prorated as needed. Parents are billed on a weekly basis.


Click here to read the Extended Care Handbook. Click here to visit our forms and documents page to download the Extended Care form.


Morning Care – 7:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.
Afternoon Care – 3:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


What electives are offered?

Co-curricular activities include the following electives:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

  • Art
  • Advanced Art
  • Art
  • Christmas & Spring Programs
  • Bible Quizzing
  • Bible Quizzing
  • Computer Keyboarding
  • Chapel Worship
  • Chorale/Ensemble
  • Instrumental (5th Grade)
  • Chorus
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Library
  • Drama
  • Building Technology
  • Music
  • Instrumental Instruction
  • Family & Consumer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Instrumental Music
  • Music Theory
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Yearbook

Is there a sports program?

Shalom Christian Academy competes in the Mason-Dixon Christian Conference in both middle and high school.


Teams compete in the following sports:

Middle School Girls – Volleyball (fall), Basketball (winter), Soccer (spring).
Middle School Boys – Soccer (fall), Basketball (winter).
Varsity Girls – Volleyball (fall), Basketball (winter), Soccer (spring).
Varsity Boys – Soccer (fall), Basketball (winter), Baseball (spring).

Elementary students can participate in spring and fall soccer through the Chambersburg Recreation Department. Shalom teams compete against other local school teams.ms soccer 2


Fourth and fifth grade students may participate in the Youth Basketball Association 8 weeks during the winter months. The primary focus is to teach basketball skills to the students in this activity.


Shalom Christian Academy also offers various sports-centered camp programs during the summer to encourage skill development and sportsmanship. Click here to learn more.


Click here to visit our athletic page for more detailed information.


Still have questions?

Please call our office at (717) 375-2223 to speak to our staff or email us at shalom@shalomca.com. Or, fill out this form if you would like us to reach out to you.