Why Shalom?

At Shalom Christian Academy, our mission is to prepare each student for a life of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God.


We seek to provide an environment that engages the mind—and the heart—of every student. Our programs are established on the fact that God’s word is the Click HERE to Contact Us Nowstandard of truth—guiding our schools’ focus, purpose, and direction. Our Christian culture and education standpoint is simply an extension of what is taught first by parents in the home and through the local church.


Education is not Christian because of Bible classes, chapel or prayer. Christian education is based on the foundational belief that the triune God makes a critical difference in our individual and corporate lives. Christian education recognizes that we are imperfect people, but knows that each individual is called to a life of wholeness. Beyond academic lessons, God’s word shows us that there is value in each individual and we need to be aware how God is working out His purpose of wholeness in each one of us.


Students are prepared to live in the “real world” because they are taught to live in a community. They learn to work with their differences and to be supportive and encouraging. They develop a perspective of a life of service whether in another culture or among people in a local workplace.

Our student body, and their families, is a community. Parents are integral in their own child’s life, but also part of the dynamic and living culture of our school. All parents are part of Shalom Christian Academy’s governing body, the Association, and contribute time, talent, and energy to keep our school going.


At Shalom, caring goes beyond the classroom into the hearts and minds of the students. Our staff and faculty love their jobs and bring a dedication to loving and serving students into their work. Our staff is mission focused, laying the groundwork for a future of educational success and Christian service.


We invite you to learn more about our school by visiting our campus. Click here to learn more.