Athletic Handbook & Pledge

Click HERE to read SCA Athletic Handbook before signing this pledge.

This form is the electronic version of the SCA Parent Pledge, located in the SCA Athletic Handbook. If you prefer to submit the paper form, click to download the form here. 

SCA Parent Pledge

Our organization is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Therefore, we ask that your read, sign electronically and submit this form.
  • In keeping with PCA’s ideal of the Double-Goal Coach® – who has a goal of winning and an even more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports – I will be a Second-Goal Parent®, focused on the goal of using sports to teach life lessons, while leaving the goal of winning to players and coaches
  • I will use positive encouragement to fill the Emotional Tanks of my children, their teammates, and coaches. I understand that, like the gas tank of a car, a full Emotional Tank can take people most anywhere
  • I will reinforce the “ELM Tree of Mastery” with my child (E for Effort, L for Learning, M for Bouncing back from Mistakes). Because I understand that a mastery approach will help my child succeed in sports and in life, I will: • encourage my child to exert maximum EFFORT • help my child LEARN through sports • urge my child to get past MISTAKES by using a Mistake Ritual, such as a flushing motion, to trigger a reminder to flush the mistake and move on to the next play
  • I will set an example for my child by Honoring the Game, respecting ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self). If I disagree with an official’s call, I will Honor the Game and be silent.
  • I will use a Self-Control Routine to avoid losing my composure if I grow frustrated. I will take a deep breath, turn away from the game to refocus, count backwards from 100 or use self-talk (“I need to be a role model. I can rise above this.”)
  • I will refrain from negative comments about my child’s coach in my child’s presence so that I do not negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience.
  • I will be as prompt as possible dropping my child off and picking my child up from practices and games.
  • I will engage in No-Directions Cheering, limiting my comments during the game to encouraging my child and other players (from both teams).
  • Shalom does not own a school bus or van. Historically, parents have provided transportation for players by driving to the away games. Every player must have parental permission to travel with an approved adult. My son/daughter has my permission to travel with an approved adult to and from away games and in the event of an accident will not hold Shalom liable.
  • I have read the student athlete guidelines found in the Student Athletic Handbook and agree to follow them.
  • I have read the student athlete guidelines found in the Student Athletic Handbook and agree to follow them.