SCA Blog – Great Coaches Influence Student Athletes

Shalom Christian Academy Athletic Director Murray Roseman shares how coaches can positively influence student athletes beyond the field or court. 


At Shalom Christian Academy, our athletics program thrives on community. To have a program that focuses on excellence, we need contributions from many people. It is important for individual players to invest their time in honing their skills for the betterment of the team, for coaches to teach the fundamentals of their sport with excellence, and for parents to be involved by helping in admission and concessions. It is also important for morale to have family members, teachers, staff, and students attend games and support our teams. When everyone works together and does their part, it creates a wonderful environment of energy and enthusiasm making it an enjoyable place to be.coaches


Goals and visions should go beyond competition and trophies. Shalom’s athletic department offers student athletes an opportunity to excel in each of our sports at the highest level possible, while giving them the opportunity to learn and display Godly character in each situation. The school mission’s statement of preparing each student for a life of consequence in this world for the kingdom of God applies in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.


We look for the following qualities in a coach: strong Christian character, leadership, passion, a continued desire to learn more about the particular sport they are coaching, a love for our students and interest in connection with players on a personal level. They must also believe and support the overall mission of the school. A coaches’ role goes far beyond teaching the X’s and O’s of the sport they are coaching. They are involved in training leaders for the next generation—teaching life lesson on the field or court, sharing challenges and devotionals with the team, and interacting with players on a personal level.


It is an honor to have Varsity Soccer Coach Chris Lehman and Varsity Volleyball Coach Katie Gantz recognized by the Public Opinion. All of our coaches invest countless hours of time into teaching and mentoring our young people so it is especially exciting to see our coaches be honored for representing our school in such a positive way. For many who are in attendance at the sporting events, all they will ever know about Shalom is what they see on the field or court at sporting events. Athletics is perhaps the most visual entity of the school. I thank God for blessing us with such good coaches!


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