Faculty Focus – Mrs. Tina Holderman

When Mrs. Tina Holderman graduated from high school, her principal suggested she consider a career in teaching. Instead she did mission work, volunteered with youth at her church, and took an office job. “I soon realized it was not the right fit for me. I wanted to work with kids full-time. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. She went to Eastern Mennonite College for a degree in education and has been working with children ever since.


Mrs. Holderman began teaching 3rd grade at Shalom Christian Academy 11 years ago. “One of my biggest motivators is what I learn as I strive to meet the challenges of teaching. Teaching is constantly changing. Every student that enters my classroom comes with a unique set of needs and learning style,” she said. She is committed to learn new methods of teaching and embraces technology to enhance lessons. “The more I learn about teaching, the more I want to learn.”


Third grade students at Shalom are no longer learning to read, but rather reading to learn. “They are learning to be independent, responsible thinkers. Students also learn to serve—our third graders serve the school by collecting the recycling each week and helping in the petting zoo at Dutchfest,” she said.


Being a part of the Shalom community is the best part of teaching at Shalom for Mrs. Holderman. “I love interacting with families during special programs, class parties, fundraisers, school gatherings, conferences, and sporting events. It is like a big extended family where people care about each other and support one another. I feel a personal connection with my students because of this close community,” she said.


“Shalom has a long history of academic excellence and effective Christian influence. I am a 1985 Shalom graduate, and my three children all graduated from Shalom. We all value the Christ-centered, rigorous education we received at Shalom that has helped to prepare us to be servant leaders in our community,” she said.


Mrs. Holderman and her husband, Paul, live in Chambersburg and have three grown children. “I enjoy hospitality, being in nature, serving on the leadership team at Marion Mennonite Church, and relaxing with my husband when I get the chance,” she said. She will graduate soon with a Master’s in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction from Messiah College.