Faculty Focus – Mr. Murray Roseman

Murray Roseman was looking through an Association of Christian School International publication when he saw a job opening for teacher at Shalom Christian Academy. Since his time in college he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to pursue working with young people and this job looked like a good fit. “From the moment we arrived and met Mr. Shaker, my wife and I knew this was where we wanted to settle down and raise a family,” he said. He began working for the school in 1998 teaching 7th grade math and language arts as well as serving as athletic director.


Today Mr. Roseman still serves as Shalom’s athletic director and teaches elementary, middle school boys, and high school boys physical education (PE). “A typical day for me when I’m in my office is communicating with parents, coaches, opposing schools, and official assigners to set up sporting events. When I’m not in my office I’m in the gym for PE class or at a sporting event,” he said. “When I enter a class of young, enthusiastic students excited to compete in PE class, it energizes me. After sitting in class all day, PE class is a nice change of pace for the students. It allows each one to release their energy!”

Mr. Roseman says the best part of teaching at Shalom is working with parents, students and teachers who share common passions and goals. “What makes me proud to work at Shalom is the sense of community. When we host a sporting event I am reminded of how many volunteer helpers we have at Shalom to help our events run smoothly. I realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.”


While seeing energetic young faces helps keep Mr. Roseman energized throughout his day, he especially enjoys spending time with students in 6th to 8th grade. “Middle school is special because it is a time when students like to try different sports. For most individuals this is the time when they improve the most. As a coach and PE teacher it is exciting that I get to be a part of those important developmental years,” he said.


Mr. Roseman and his wife Heidi have four sons. During his free time he likes to do yard work and watch and play sports (football, golf, basketball, tennis, and ping pong) with his children. “We enjoy vacations to Maine and the beach,” he said. The Roseman Family lives in Chambersburg and attend King Street United Brethren in Christ church.