Faculty Focus – Mr. Randy Showalter

If you have ever talked to Randy Showalter or sat next to him at a meeting, you’ll quickly learn his phone is always ringing. Mr. Showalter is the technology coordinator at Shalom Christian Academy – the go-to person for every computer question or issue. Every staff and faculty member at Shalom knows Mr. Showalter is the one who knows how to set up a printer, fix a smart board or save a hard drive when it seems beyond rescue.


Mr. Showalter began working at Shalom Christian Academy 10 years ago as a middle school teacher. Today he spends his days “making sure teachers and staff have working computers and a working network, and finding ways to improve technology at Shalom.” He loves a challenge and the fact that information technology is always changing. He especially enjoys working with students. “It is always amazing the changes we see in students from the beginning of the year until the end,” he said. “The best part of teaching is interacting with students on a daily basis. I have always enjoyed interacting with young people, and the fun and excitement that they bring to everything.”


When he’s not working on the network, updating laptops & iPads, and addressing computer issues, Mr. Showalter teaches high school computer science and 7th and 8th grade computer classes. He says the great thing about working at Shalom is “the camaraderie with other staff. Everyone gets along and we enjoy working with each other.”


Outside of school, Mr. Showalter spends time with his wife Kristin (Shalom’s Art Instructor) and their three children. The Showalter’s live near the Hagerstown Airport and attend Crossroads Church in Stateline, PA.