Faculty Focus – Mrs. Anna Peckman

Mrs. Anna Peckman says it’s amazing to see how much children grow and mature during the first year of school. “They are like little sponges and catch everything you give them,” the Shalom Christian Academy kindergarten teacher said. “We put together student portfolios from the year and I love looking through them in May and seeing the pictures and sample work from the year… They come to me knowing the alphabet or ready to learn the alphabet and leave reading. It’s my favorite thing about this job.”peckman-quote


Mrs. Peckman began teaching at Shalom Christian Academy four years ago. The Liberty University graduate has a degree in elementary education and has always loved working with children. “Education gives you the platform to grow relationships and impact the little ones,” she said.


Mrs. Peckman’s every day kindergarten class begins the day with prayer requests, prayer, and calendar time. “Our morning is filled with phonics instruction, learning centers, Kidwriting and math—we are busy before lunch!” The rest of the day is spent with specials, science or social studies, and rest time. Kidwriting is Mrs. Peckman’s favorite class. “It is a relaxed small group setting where they are free to express themselves and be creative. The stories they come up with are so fun. Their writing ability also changes so much over the year—they start with writing one or two letters they hear in a word to writing complete sentences independently.”


Working at Shalom Christian Academy is something Mrs. Peckman is thankful for. “The community here at Shalom is the best. It’s great to work in a place that fosters relationships. It’s also a positive environment—pointing each other to Christ,” she said. “I love to hear about all that Shalom is accomplishing and the positive reaction I get from those in the community when I share this is where I work.“


Mrs. Peckman is married to Jonathan and they have one son, James and a dog, Tucker. When she’s not at school Mrs. Peckman loves to be outside gardening, walking or hiking with her family. The Peckman family attends Chambersburg Brethren In Christ Church.


Shalom offers every day kindergarten and alternate day kindergarten (Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday) programs. For more information about these programs including curriculum and schedules, click here.