Faculty Focus – Mrs. Pattie Edwards

Mrs. Pattie Edwards moved to Pennsylvania from South Carolina when her husband had a job transfer to the area. The middle school teacher says Shalom’s strong community is a special place to be a part of. “When we moved here I found myself living five hundred miles away from all my family and friends,” she said. “It did not take long for the Shalom community to welcome me in. Over the years many of the staff and parents have become my school family. It makes being away from “home” easier to deal with.”


Mrs. Edwards spends her days teaching middle school homeroom, middle school math, and Algebra 1A and 1B to high school students—she has been teaching for 16 years. “When people find out that I teach middle school their response is always very similar “Middle school? Why in the world would you want to teach middle school?” What they do not know is middle school is never boring. Every day is a new adventure and always has laughter in it. My ‘kids’ challenge and inspire me daily. I am in my 11th year teaching middle school at SCA and I still love coming to work each day,” she said.


Watching her homeroom students grow is one of Mrs. Edward’s favorite aspects of being a teacher. “As the school year progresses I get to watch my 6th grade students grow from elementary students at the beginning of the year to true middle school students by the end of the year. They grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally so much in middle school. I am privileged to get to be a part of their memories of this fun time in their lives,” she said.


Mrs. Edwards says she and the other middle school teachers work as a team to make middle school fun and challenging. “When I think back to middle school I remember how awkward I felt most days and how things that seemed like nothing to most adults were a big deal to me. I attempt to be the teacher that I feel like I needed in middle school. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful young people in my life to keep things refreshing,” she said.


Mrs. Edwards lives in St. Thomas with her husband Bobby and son, Zach, a Shalom student. “Our family enjoys watching sporting events together, especially college football and basketball. We also enjoy watching Zach and the Flames on the soccer field and attending other Shalom sporting events. We are blessed to get to spend our summers at Myrtle Beach, where we love hanging out with all of our family and friends that we do not get to see much over the school year.”


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