Faculty Focus – Ms. Brenda Shaffer

During her 25 years as a teacher at Shalom, Ms. Brenda Shaffer has taught just about everything from first grade to high school. Ms. Shaffer’s teaching career at Shalom began in 1979 when she was a first grade teacher for four years. “After a 13-year break I came back to teach middle school social studies and transferred to high school in 2006,” she said.


Now, Ms. Shaffer serves as the American History II, World History, Civics, Sociology, and Church History teacher for grades 9 through 12, which, she said, “allows me to see students grow in many ways: academically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.”


With a consistent 7:00 am arrival to school, Ms. Shaffer’s regular teaching routine involves quite an early start. “I get a lot of ideas for my class lessons early in the morning,” she said. Getting up early is only a small sacrifice for teaching students the information they need to know about their government and history, according to Ms. Shaffer. “It’s so discouraging to me when I see ‘interview on the street’ news and how shamefully deficient individuals are about their own history and government. I appreciate students who are inquisitive about our nation’s past and what we can learn from it.”


Still, it’s the relationships, above all, that Ms. Shaffer appreciates about teaching. “I’ve had great years of interacting with my students through laughs, jokes, tears, and mistakes,” she said. “I hope they’ve learned as much as I have.”


Ms. Shaffer currently lives in Mercersburg, although she considers herself a “Greencastlonian at heart” since that’s where she was raised and went to school. She attends church in Greencastle at First Assembly of God. Ms. Shaffer has three children—Mandi, Tyler, and Chelsey, and three grandchildren, Gabby, Madden, and Beckham. None of her children or grandchildren live near her, which is why she considers her students and fellow faculty her family. Ms. Shaffer also enjoys working on her genealogy, reading the news (she’s a self-titled “news junkie”), and going to Shalom athletic games to support the Flames.


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