Faculty Focus – Mrs. Roxanne Hoover


When she graduated from Shalom Christian Academy, Mrs. Roxanne Hoover knew she wanted to be a teacher. “The way my teachers cared about our souls as well as our education made me want to influence the next generation in the same way,” she said. The alumna now teaches her own students in middle and high school as the 7th grade Bible, 8th grade History, 9th grade Civics, Yearbook and Yearbook photography teacher.


Mrs. Hoover says she loves to teach students new concepts and have them discuss ideas in the classroom setting. “My hoover quotemotivation comes from the students and seeing their excitement for learning and being able to relate the classroom to real life. A great example was the engagement my History and Civics students have had in the Presidential election process this past year.”


She is proud to work at SCA and be a part of a community of believers who have a heart for students and for influencing them for God’s kingdom. “All of our class time and curriculum is woven with the fabric of God’s Word. My colleagues and I try every day to advance His Kingdom by challenging and encouraging our students to do His work in their world—whether here in our hallways, at home with their families, at their churches, or across the world with mission trips,” she said. “The community atmosphere of the entire school is one-of-a-kind and seeing everyone work together towards a common goal is inspiring.”


While she enjoys all of her classes, working with middle school students has a special place in Mrs. Hoover’s heart. “To see how the students grow and mature from year to year or even month to month is a joy. They come to our hallway as basically elementary students and leave as high schoolers. To watch them take ownership in the process is amazing and to see them advance in skills, knowledge, and maturity is such a fun and fascinating part of teaching middle school. They really begin to find their place in the world during this time of their life, and to see our middle schoolers help each other out in this journey is one of the greatest parts of my job.”


Although her typical day involves working with students, trying to keep her desk organized, chats before and after school with colleagues, and catching a Flames game after school, Mrs. Hoover says the best part of teaching at Shalom is that her family is also here. “My husband is Jeryl Hoover (SCA Business Manager) and I have two daughters who attend Shalom — Paige is a junior and Emily is a 7th grader. It is a true blessing to have all our family on the same campus and we love being able to be together at school and work.” When they’re not on campus, you can find the family outside hiking, snowboarding, or just spending time together. The Hoover family lives in Chambersburg and attends Bethel Assembly of God. “We love our town, our school and our church,” she said.



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