Helping Hands – The Martin Family

The Martin Family shares in their own words what it’s like to volunteer at Shalom –
“My husband and I graduated from Shalom in 1990 and both of our sons attended from K-12. We appreciate the gift that Shalom has been to our family, and being able to give back to the school that gave all four of us so much, is high on our priority list.


Shalom is blessed with great, quality teachers, and for most, their work doesn’t end at 3:15 every day. Many of these teachers are working from home in the evenings and on weekends. They sacrifice so much in order to give our kids the best education possible.


I first started volunteering at Shalom when I was still in high school. If I had a study hall and didn’t have any homework to work on, I would head to Miss Shearer’s 4th grade class to help correct papers. Now, as an appreciative parent, I wanted to do what I could to lighten the load in some small way, so when our youngest son was in first grade, I began volunteering in the Kindergarten classroom one day each week. Some of the jobs that I currently help with are correcting papers, Bible memory, laminating, bulletin boards, and Victory Drill. Occasionally, you might see me in the hallway helping a child to read or catching them up on missed work. I enjoy the interaction with the students as well as serving the teachers. If volunteering one day a week helps a teacher to be able to go home at night and spend time with their family instead of doing school work, then my days at Shalom over the past 15 years have been well worth it.


I would encourage all families to give back to our school in whatever way the Lord leads you. It is a great way to feel connected and to learn to know other parents and students with whom your child will be interacting.


Our baby is graduating from Shalom in just a few short months, but this doesn’t mean that my time at SCA will come to an end. I plan to continue to help out whenever and wherever I can. Being just a small part of Shalom brings me great joy and makes my heart sing.”
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