Helping Hands – The Stottlemyer Family

The Stottlemyer Family shares in their own words what it’s like to volunteer at Shalom –


“Our family became aware of this amazing school after we felt a tug at our hearts to search for another alternative for our son, Nate, who was completing second grade in a public school. Friends from our church shared the progress their child was making at Shalom, so we were able to witness the benefits first hand.stottlemyer


When I asked Nate recently to describe how he knew Shalom was right for him, he explained that it was because of “the kindness” he felt during our tour. This spoke volumes to us! Since then, he confirmed that we made the right decision by saying his new school is “amazing and makes learning more challenging. I also like it because there aren’t as many students in the classroom. A proper education was needed that had Christian values and this school has it all!” My husband and I knew this was a sign that we had made the right decision to enroll Nate so he could begin the 2016-2017 school year at Shalom.


We became involved in volunteering shortly after Nate began third grade and we discovered there were various areas in which our new school needed assistance. I have to admit that my husband and I are typically introverts and were hesitant at first; however, it only took one day of volunteering for each of us to realize the positive impact that helping would create. We were looking for ways to serve the Lord and thought volunteer work could provide a way for us to return the blessings our family was already receiving. There is a great sense of spiritual and emotional fulfillment involved, in addition to knowing we are part of “something greater.”


Our adventures have included listening to students recite their memory verses, which we both enjoy. These experiences have been extremely rewarding, especially since we have been able to work directly with the students. Having the ability to see up close and personal how the school operates with such a caring attitude from the staff and students is a true privilege. I have also helped with two important fundraisers – the Race for Education and The Great Pie Project.


We are thankful for these special opportunities to participate in the academic and spiritual growth of our child and his peers. Volunteering has provided countless benefits for our family, which has reinforced our connection with Nate, in addition to our school and to God. My husband and I feel extremely blessed to experience the feeling of being valued for our help and would encourage others to become a part of the incredible Shalom community of volunteers.


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