What are High School Mini Terms?

While our seniors are on their missions trip to Guatemala, the remaining high school students will be participating in a variety of activities, on and off campus, during mini terms. This is a time for students and teachers to get outside the normal classroom environment and explore different exciting activities. This educational experience allows both students and teachers to learn and grow together in similar interests. Be sure to follow along with news and updates as we’ll be posting photos to Facebook every day that week – www.Facebook.com/SCAFlames!


Students have made selections from the following options:


Dances and Defense – Students will learn Middle Eastern dancing, tap dancing and will also learn self defense skills.


Colleges Visits – Students will visit private and public colleges, both Christian and secular.


Golf – Students will develop basic golf skills through lectures, demonstrations, drills and game play.


Net Sports – Students will learn to play pickle ball, as well as volleyball and wolleyball.


Foods – Students will be making pastries, canning, and carving pumpkins.


Wood Carving – Students will have the opportunity to do one of the following types of carving:
Relief Carving– transferring a pattern to a piece of wood and using carving techniques to make it realistic and life like. Carving is done in Bass Wood (soft wood) in simple or deep relief.
Wood Burning– transferring a scene to a piece of Bass wood and using an electrical burning tool to make the piece realistic.
Bark Carving–using Cotton Wood Bark (a soft, carvable and unique grain) to carve whimsical houses and wood spirits. Carved bark is fun to carve and subject to many different subjects.
Caricature Carving–using Bass Wood to make realistic or fictional characters and faces from wooden blocks.


History, Journalism and Politics – Students will visit newsrooms and radio stations. They will also hear from Representative Rob Kaufman to learn how the media can influence how people vote in elections and the importance of having an informed public. They will hone their critical listening and reading skills to discern what politicians say.


Filming 101 – Students will be able to tell a story via film.


Hiking – Hiking with sightseeing,history and geography lessons along the way. Locations include, Charcoal Hearth Trail in Caledonia, The Thousand Step Trail in Huntingdon, and Pole Steeple or Flat Rock Trail.