SCA Blog – Music Education at Shalom

Shalom Christian Academy Music Teacher and Chorale Director Miss Amanda Wolfe shares how music education is an integral part of a student’s learning experience. 


Music is Important


Music education is an integral part of a comprehensive fine arts program. Music is woven into every part of human life, from a melody deep inside one’s soul to enjoying the scores composed for films. It helps young people grow into well-rounded adults—enhancing brain development and improving coordination and attention to detail. It brings people together and touches emotions like nothing else. Studies show music education can contribute to enhanced academic achievement, improved social skills, and even higher graduation rates.


Student BenefitsCopy of music education


For a number of students, music and other fine arts offer a way for students to express creativity and recognize their gifts and talents in areas beyond academics. Students look forward to their elective fine arts classes because they enjoy the subjects taught and are often working on projects or rehearsing for a performance. Some of the soft skills students acquire from taking a fine arts course include managing their time, setting and accomplishing goals, social skills, and learning to troubleshoot when problems arise. By taking courses that fit their unique interests, students can learn skills and techniques that they may want to focus on in college and may even use in a future career.


Music Education at Shalom


Shalom offers a variety of music options in our fine arts program to allow students to explore their gifts, abilities, and talents beyond the walls of the academic classroom. Offering extracurricular opportunities is important as we look to see each student as a whole person and not just an academic person.


At the elementary level, all Shalom students sing in chorus and attend music class twice a week. In fifth grade, students may choose to play a band instrument. In middle school, students choose either band and chorus or general music education to study during the year. In ninth grade, students are required to take music appreciation (which incorporates learning to play the guitar). They have the duration of their high school career to further their studies with music courses such as band choir, and small-group vocal ensemble.


More Music Options


Shalom has recently expanded the music program to include two audition only choirs (4th and 5th grade select chorus and the high school ensemble) and middle school band students participate in a bi-weekly half hour sectional where they practice their music with only similar instruments.


We are constantly looking for ways to continue to grow the music and fine arts programs in the future—with a focus on helping students to develop lives of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God.


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