SCA Volunteers Build Community and Connect Through Service

Shalom Administrator Angie Petershiem shares why volunteering benefits parents and our school.


Shalom Christian Academy works to create a culture of community. Our goal is that each person who is part of our school family will make connections and build relationships so their lives are enriched. Volunteering is one way to help build our community. Relationships mean that we know more than each other’s names—it means we get to know the person attached
with the name.

Benefits to You


Volunteering provides opportunities to relate to others in a setting that is different than seeing someone at a meeting, passing in the hallway or visiting a student chapel service. Working together brings appreciation for who the other person is. It allows people to find common interests. It builds friendships. Perhaps most importantly, volunteering helps parents learn to know the parents of their children’s friends. It creates trust so that as your child becomes more involved in school activities, you can feel comfortable knowing that your child will be surrounded by known people.


Volunteering also provides opportunities to learn to know the administration, faculty, and staff as more than people who work at Shalom Christian Academy. It builds relationships so that a parent understands the perspective from which these individuals approach their tasks. As parents are involved, Shalom faculty begin to also know and understand them. It helps shape the school as decisions are made based on these understandings.


Our volunteers are important as they work to make school events successful which in turn make Shalom successful. Volunteering at events allows the process to run smoothly and efficiently as “many hands make light work.” It builds energy as people work together.


How Can I Volunteer?


For those who enjoy other people and a lot of excitement, there is Race for Education in the fall, The Great Pie Sale in November, and the Shalom Dutchfest in May. Each of those also has opportunities behind the scenes for those who do not want the high energy of the day. Some people prefer something more routine such as Bible memory listening or classroom, library or office aides. We need volunteers to work in concessions and collecting money at athletic events. Parents of athletes contribute many hours towards those, but there is always room for a few more. Our 40 acre campus requires a lot of maintenance. Volunteers can support and encourage our maintenance staff by mowing grass, weeding, mulching, painting, and helping with general repairs.


We welcome volunteers whether they work one hour or many hours. The gift of time brings significant benefits to Shalom Christian Academy. We are grateful to those who can volunteer.


One More Thing


Over the years I have seen circumstances where families have rallied around a hurting family. This has not been because Shalom orchestrated an outreach. It has happened as a result of relationships. People who learned to know each other because of their children were attending the same school developed a friendship. This was often because they have been involved at the school and have learned to know others through that involvement. From these connections made in good times comes support and care in the most difficult times. This is truly community.


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