Senior Trip 2011-12

November 2, 2011

Tomorrow the seniors travel home from their mission trip.  Rob Cahill was in touch with Mrs. Flood.  He said they worked very hard and got a “ton” of work done.


November 1, 2011

Kristi Yoder posted on Facebook:

Hello Shalom kids!
Today is our last day on the farm here in Guatemala. We will get to see some of the scholarship girls doing some weaving today, so that will be exciting. Yesterday the boys worked on cutting down trees and building the observation tower at the farm and the girls did archery, low ropes, planted trees, made candles and hot cocoa (Guatemalean style!) It has been an exciting trip. We are going to explore a Mayan holy cave today and are going to Antigua tomorrow for some hardcore shopping! We are about to sit down for breakfast, and most of us are very excited to see them making pancakes for us :)
See you soon!


October 28, 2011

Monica Miller posted on Facebook:

Greetings from Guatemala!
Rob paired us (the girls) up with one of the scholarship girls for the rest of our stay. Yesterday, we started the first of four stations that Mrs. Keller described earlier, and my group was crossing the river on ropes. Rob told us that Guatemalans have a terrible self-esteem, and crossing the river would help to build confidence. However, it was also a great leap for them because of their Mayan descent. Crossing a river on a bridge, or ropes like we did, is almost the equivalent of walking under a ladder or crossing the path of a black cat. All of the scholarship girls in my group crossed the river at least twice, grinning ear to ear. We put the icing on the cake by playing some volleyball and soccer later. It was a great day!


October 27, 2011

Here is information that may be of interest to you as you follow the seniors’ journey. This is from an email that we received from Judy Alleman, a senior parent.

Dennis Witmer, our pastor at Diller was a missionary in the same area where the seniors are and I gave him a copy of the itinerary that Mrs. Keller emailed us. He suggested that I go to google maps, type in San Juan Chemelco, Guatemala. Then if you zoom in a little (or a lot!) and follow the road from San Juan Chemelco to Coban you will find Xucaneb, the hotel where they are staying some of the time.  Apparently the school where they are working doesn’t show up as well on the current google maps, so I don’t know where that is.   (As we have more details we will post them under the Student Life Tab, click Senior Trip.)

Jamie Keller posted on Facebook:  Hello to all from sunny Guatemala! The seniors are all well and getting adjusted to the new culture. We have learned a lot about the Guatemalan people the last 2 days and have had the opportunity to tour the farm and meet the scholarship girls. Today is a work day. The boys will be cutting down trees and clearing an area for a future building. The girls will be working with the scholarship girls by doing some candle making, archery and a low ropes course. Please continue to pray as we all adjust to new food, new culture and each other!


October 25, 2011

The seniors left the parking lot of Shalom Christian Academy at 2:00 a.m.  Their flight to Miami was uneventful.  They fly from there to Guatemala City later in the morning.


October 24, 2011

A Commissioning Service was held at 1:00 p.m. in the gym.  High school students, faculty, family and friends gathered to pray with the seniors and commission them for the trip.


About the Trip

The Class of 2012 will be going to Guatemala for their missions trip from October 25 to November 3. We’ve had two previous classes go there to work with missionary, Rob Cahill and his family. The class will help in the areas of VBS, construction and discipleship. There are 12 girls who are in a special scholarship program in Guatemala in order to continue their high school education. Part of their experience is traveling to Canada. Our students will be helping in their preparation through several workshops in candlemaking, rappelling, archery and rope tying. Each activity coincides with a spiritual lesson. This will be like a mini-discipleship program for them with an element of English learning. On the same campus there is a major building project where students will help.