At Shalom Christian Academy, simply learning about service in the classroom setting isn’t enough. Our students put their knowledge of missions and service into practice by serving others throughout their educational time at Shalom Christian Academy.seniors


These years of service culminate for senior students during their final year at Shalom as they work and worship on their senior class trip. In their junior year, the class decides where they will serve together. They have three options: a children’s home in Costa Rica, a Native American reservation in South Dakota, or a program in Guatemala that works to help girls achieve a high school education. Students are immersed in service, learn about other cultures, and gain a new view of their place in the world by serving God in this way.


Before they leave, Shalom Christian Academy faculty and teachers hold a commissioning service to pray for each student. Elementary, middle, and high school students also pray for senior students. Fundraising for this trip begins during a student’s freshman year with formal fundraisers and letters of support going to local churches, families, and friends. All money raised goes into a class pool so that all students are able to attend the trip.


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